Emotional Abuse:
Change the Dynamics -
Become Empowered
in Your Relationship

Move from Powerless to Powerful in Your Emotionally Abusive Relationship - Identify Three Mind-Bending Misconceptions that May Be Tripping You Up!

Is This You?

What I want in my relationship is to be loved, respected and appreciated. Instead I deal with:

  • Rage - "You bet I'm angry!!! It's because YOU..."
  • Manipulation - "If you really loved me YOU would..."
  • Disdain - "YOU are such a disappointment!"
  • Oppression - from the constant barrage of blame
  • Exhaustion - from trying to please and placate
  • Discouragement - never appreciated or good enough

Are You Ready to Change the Dynamics in Your Abusive Relationship?

Start by Identifying Misconceptions you may have and begin to implement the changes that will empower you, with God's help, to regain control of your emotions and increase your peace of mind and self-respect.

Benefits of Overcoming the Misconceptions:
Release from futile attempts to change your abuser’s behaviors
Relief from constant striving to earn his love
Rest in relinquishing the responsibility of his welfare to God